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Casino Surveillance Chairs – What to look out for

The casino industry has stringent regulations to maintain the integrity of gaming functions. There are various standards established by various gaming commissions to ensure that each machine that is not linked electronically to the network is under 24-hour surveillance. This measure is undertaken for the...

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Ergonomics in the Workspace

While it has become a necessity of the modern world, sitting can be hazardous to your health. There is a way to prevent the harmful effects of sitting, though, and it’s not quitting your desk job or dropping out of school. Instead, incorporating ergonomic chairs...

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Benefits of 24/7 Intensive Use Chairs

We live in a 24-hour world, which means that some people—including 911 dispatchers, control room engineers, call center agents and government and military personnel—must be available to monitor it and respond to issues, no matter the time of day. Those who work in these environments...

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