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Ergonomic Office Chairs - Psychological Factors

Raising the psychological factor when using Ergonomic Office Chairs

What does our ergonomic office chairs say about us, not only as people – about our cleanliness, our tidiness – but most of all, how does it effectively convey our status in the office hierarchy?


When thinking about ergonomic office chairs, with their potential for helping with those physical issues that are known to any person who works for long hours sitting at a desk – cervical pain, back pain – we can think from the perspective of each and every employee leading a healthier life in the workspace. We oftentimes think about the physical benefits that come with bettering our office equipment. We look at the material, at the shape, we check, compare, and choose based on the most functional, healthiest option for our bodies. However, in which way can we also incorporate the psychological aspect when making this choice?


As we choose ergonomic office chairs we choose not to stress our own bodies into postures, behaviors, and habits that endanger our physical health. What happens, then, to our mindset?


We are all aware that our physical health greatly conditions our mindset, allowing us to be more or less productive, more focused on our tasks. When working under pressure, we need to take into account how our mindset is affected by external stimuli – in this, choosing the perfect ergonomic office chair can help us, heightening our productivity, and relieving our body of the stress of a wrong posture.


There are some idiomatic phrases that highlight the importance of being able to find comfort in a seated situation, such as “From where I sit…” to indicate one points of view, or “Having a seat at the table.” to install a feeling of control, as well as empowerment.


The psychological factor of possessing a good ergonomic office chair should not be underestimated – we should think about how our mindset shifts by simply having a better posture, more height, and more support when going about our daily tasks. In a meeting, we will be empowered; during the creation of an important project we will have the resilience to push through overtime hours because of the physical support of our office equipment.


Offering people the possibility to comfortably move, offering them the possibility of a better working environment raises productivity, raises morale, and allows for general stability to take roots in any office, even the busiest.


For this purpose, as well as for the other benefits they provide, we offer our customers the IRON HORSE 3000 Series as well as the IRON HORSE 3000 Exec.