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industrial seats - definition, what are industrial seats

What are industrial seats or industrial seating?

Industrial seats is a general term that refers to specially-manufactured seats for industrial equipment and vehicles like backhoes, cranes, dozers, excavators, haul trucks, skidders, tractors, motor graders, scrapers, and other heavy equipment. OEM industrial equipment manufacturers provide seats for their equipment. However in many situations, these seats can be replaced by customized seats specifically fitted for the equipment user. IRON HORSE Seating is one of the few reputable companies that is able to provide industrial seats that are custom designed to match the factory bolt patterns for all popular applications. No welding, drilling or torching required!


Industrial seats have very unique requirements when compared to ergonomic office chairs. For one, the environment the industrial seats are used tend to be in extreme environments. Heavy equipment needs to work reliably in high heat or extreme cold environments. The vibration of the equipment in use also poses a durability issue for the seat and operator safety. Therefore most industrial seats need to have replaceable components as constant wear and tear is an issue.


IRON HORSE Seating designs incorporate the latest ergonomic features for operator ease of use, comfort, and safety. Designed to the extreme and fitted with the most durable components, their seats are the answer for your ergonomic industrial seat needs. IRON HORSE seats can be custom configured and are designed to keep your equipment up and running, and minimize machine downtime.


If you are an OEM equipment manufacturer and are looking for a seat that not only gives you the ability to differentiate your product, but is also built to survive extreme conditions and provide great operator comfort, then look no further than IRON HORSE Seating. We will design and build a custom seat developed to your specifications. Typically, our seats will feature a heavy duty suspension, left and right armrests that allow infinite adjustment positions, a three point seat belt and a heavy duty seat frame. All of these features rolled up provide the ultimate in comfort and durability.