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Iron Horse 6000 Heavy Duty Office Chairs with Armrests

Introducing the IRON HORSE 6000

Iron Horse 6000 Series Office Chair

For years the IRON HORSE Seating line has been the premier supplier of 24/7 rated heavy duty office chairs. This line of thoroughbreds is unparalleled in function, and durability.

Being the market leader for intensive use heavy duty office chairs to control rooms and 911 communication centers is due in thanks to hours of market analysis and rigorous testing to ensure only the best designs and options make it to the end users. When adding a new model to a line of over-achievers that include the Iron Horse 1000 & 4000, a different set of standards apply. New models must meet all the expectations of the existing models while outperforming in ways to ensure this new model doesn’t get lost in the wash among its more recognizable contemporaries.

The IRON HORSE 6000 is the latest addition to the 24/7 rated IRON HORSE Seating™ line. This model was developed to cater to larger users while retaining the outstanding build quality and durability that the Iron Horse line is known for. The IRON HORSE 6000 offers a remarkable 24” wide seat cushion. While wide cushions are nothing new, having a chair that can keep a large user comfortable for long hours with a weight rating of up to 500lbs is indeed a notable achievement.

Many manufacturers will limit or altogether remove adjustments for a heavy duty office chair with a 500lb weight rating. Yet, the IRON HORSE 6000 design comes standard with a number of adjustments to keep a larger user comfortable during 12 hour shifts. Features of the IRON HORSE 6000 include a reclining and height adjustable backrest, height adjustable armrests, chair height adjustment, and adjustable air lumbar. And as with other IRON HORSE Seating™ products, the IRON HORSE 6000 thrives in the most demanding 24/7 environments.

The new IRON HORSE 6000 will look related to existing IRON HORSE models; made to be used alongside models like the 1000, 3000, and 4000 to ensure fitment for a wide range of users with varying heights, and weights. When considering your next 24/7 heavy duty office chair purchase, go with a company with an uncompromising dedication to building the most durable office chairs on the planet.