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IRON HORSE Industrial Seats – Machines We Serve

IRON HORSE Seating prides itself on being a company that thrives off of hard work, integrity, and diversity – much like the magnificent country that we live in.  Working diligently to ensure the highest quality product is second nature to us and something we are proud to do every day.  The same can certainly be said for those who do the back-breaking hard work that helps to cultivate and shape our land – industrial workers who are confined to a machine cage.  With dedicated workers who churn out results, shouldn’t the seats they sit on work just as hard?


All of our products are built in our own warehouse, ensuring quality and care during the production process.  Because of this in-house process, we are also able to test and make certain that our seats maintain their integrity well after they have been installed.  Outfitted with safety measures and ergonomic accessories, these seats bring the comfort and functionality of the office to the rough and tumble arena of industrial seating.  On top of this, we keep a large inventory of industrial seats in our warehouse at all times to help ensure the quickest response to your urgent seating need.


People from all walks of life work together to create a rich tapestry of diversity to create the country we live in today.  This idea of diversity surprisingly runs parallel to industrial seats and machinery, as numerous machines come together with the shared goal of completing a common goal.  While we pride ourselves on servicing heavy trucks, medium duty trucks, and haul trucks, we also work with backhoes, tractors, forklifts, as well as other industrial equipment.  Some of our seats can even fit in multiple machines that offer completely different services from one another.  In other words, our seats are just as diverse as the people who use them.


Contact us today to speak with an industrial seating specialist to learn more about our products and how to get a new industrial seat into your machine.  Much like America, your industrial machine is already great – now let’s work together to make its seat even greater.