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pedestal seats - what makes a great ergonomic pedestal seat?

Pedestal Seats

Pedestal seats are, nowadays, a comprehensive part of industrial equipment. We see them in control rooms, cabins, cockpits, mobile command units, as well as shipping and freight vehicles. As technology advances, we wish to serve our customers with the best concept of empowerment that we can build. At IRON HORSE Seating, we are not only concerned about comfort, efficiency, durability, and building up a better office environment for each and every employer, but are also interested in conveying a better experience for your major clients. Whether this includes helping operators obtain a better stability when it comes to adjusting head rests, or having extra padding in their arm rests in order for them to sustain a twelve-hour flight simulation.


Our pedestal seats serve not only the single customer, but are geared towards providing the best products to our Government, our international shipping companies, and our medical staff as well.


We furnish control rooms, tailoring our products to each critical mission, application, and situation. Our pedestal seats are built to accommodate everyone, and certain models can handle operator weights up to 400lbs.


We are focused on providing our crews with the most adjustable seats, providing adjustable height, head rest tilt, inclination; each and every seat has customizable features in order to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.


We firmly believe that comfort resides in the ability of working productively in any kind of environment, and with any kind of circumstances. It is paramount for us that our clients be able to perform various tasks effortlessly, without having to concentrate on trivial matters such as posture while in the cabin of a freight forwarding ship which is crossing at sea. For this, we sponsor our series of pedestal seats and equip them with the latest technology.


Take a look at some of our pedestal seats for mobile command, military, cranes, and locomotive. As always, contact one of our seating application specialists if you have any questions.